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Keuka Lake Association



Have defined all relative terminology including berthing facilities, docks, boat hoists, boat stations & boat houses. 

Water Rights Lines

Have defined as extensions from lakefront properties. 

Structures within Water Rights

  • Permanent -no closer than 10 feet to water rights lines (20 ft. for non-residential categories)
  • Seasonal & attached vessels - within water rights lines
  • Mooring buoys - boat within water rights lines

Boat Hoist Structures & Boat Stations

  • Roof ok but maximum 3/12 pitch
  • No side enclosures on boat hoists or stations
  • No inside second floor, or 2nd floor sundecks
  • 15 foot maximum height from high water mark
  • No use for dwelling, sleeping, or lodging
  • No boat accessory structures (storage buildings) or boat houses in water (waterside of high water mark)

General Residential Docks and Moorings

  • Number of docks for registerable boats depends on linear lake feet of lake frontage

Lakefront feet       Moorings       Docks

0-99.99                   4                     1
100-199.9               6                     2
200 +                     +3/100ft          +1/100ft

  • Dock size - 720 square feet max including walkway and decking (exception - may have a 2nd dock if first is less than 300 square feet)
  • Length - Max 65 feet into lake beyond high water mark (exception for shallow depth situations)

General Non-Residential Docks and Moorings 

                                                                         Minimum          Water Rights                                 No. Mrgs per
                                                                         Lakefront          Setback                 No. Mrgs          add'l 50 ft

Marinas, Yacht Clubs                                         200 ft                 20 ft                       75                    20

Restaurants                                                       100 ft                  20 ft                       20                    10

Hotels, Motels, Camps,                                      100 ft                  20 ft                       10                    5
Resorts, and Clubs

Grandfathering of Pre-existing Conditions 

All pre-existing permanent and seasonal residential structures are allowed.  All pre-existing NYS permits for non-residential uses of permanent or seasonal docks are allowed.  Replacement allowed for non-conforming structures damaged in natural disasters, fire, or vandalism. 


Building permits are required for all "permanent" structures. Available from municipal Code Enforcement Officers.  Exceptions handled through normal town Zoning variance procedures. 

Keuka Lake - Bale


Founded in 1956, the Keuka Lake Association, with over 1700 members, provides a unified voice for those who love Keuka Lake. Our mission is to preserve and protect Keuka Lake and its natural beauty for future generations.

Keuka Lake Association is a 501(c) (3) organization (a non-profit tax exempt organization under IRS rules). This distinction is defined by our service to the public and how we are mission-driven as opposed to profit-driven.

Gifts, donations and membership dues paid to our organization are used in direct service to the overall mission to preserve and protect Keuka Lake. Membership dues, donations and gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Consult your professional tax preparer if you have specific tax related questions.