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Keuka Lake Association


Starry Stonewort Harvesting

last update: July 15, 2022

For the second straight year, the KLA is working with ILM (Integrated Lake Management) to remove Starry Stonewort from Keuka Lake, Starry Stonewort is an invasive algae that creates heavily matted areas, forcing out other native species. The harvesting operation is happening during the week of July 11-16, at the north end of the west branch.

Keuka Lake - Clouds & Sailboat


Founded in 1956, the Keuka Lake Association, with over 1700 members, provides a unified voice for those who love Keuka Lake. Our mission is to preserve and protect Keuka Lake and its natural beauty for future generations.

Keuka Lake Association is a 501(c) (3) organization (a non-profit tax exempt organization under IRS rules). This distinction is defined by our service to the public and how we are mission-driven as opposed to profit-driven.

Gifts, donations and membership dues paid to our organization are used in direct service to the overall mission to preserve and protect Keuka Lake. Membership dues, donations and gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Consult your professional tax preparer if you have specific tax related questions.