Keuka Lake is a unique body of water with a NYS Department of Health AA Drinking Water rating. Its steep hillsides make the risks of an accident acute because of the immediate access to the lake.
The Keuka Lake Association (KLA), which represents almost 1800 property owners and is dedicated to its mission of "Protecting and Preserving Keuka Lake and its Natural Beauty for Current and Future Generations", remains committed to preventing HVHF in the Keuka Lake Watershed plus a 4000-foot buffer.

Complete List of Hydrofracking Content

Summary of Tim Acomb's Presentation 9-10-14
Summary of Tim Acomb's Presentation 9-10-14 to the KLA H&WD Committee

Letter from DEC Comm. 2-14

KLA Newsletter - Mar 2014

KLA Newsletter - Mar 2013

KLA Newsletter - June 2013

KLA Newsletter - September 2013

Letter from DEC Dep Comm. 7-13

KLA Newsletter - June 2014

KLA 2013 Annual Meeting Presentation - Hydrofracking
KLA Hydrofracking & Well Disposal Presentation at Annual Meeting - July 13, 2013

Letter to Lt. Governor, Jan. 3, 2013
Keuka Lake Association Executive Summary of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing sent to Lieutenant Governor Duffy.

To Preserve and Protect Keuka Lake